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Small Group Training
All classes are approximately 10 clients or less, and you always work with a trainer! So you're getting the expertise of a personal trainer in every session without the high cost along with the motivation and inspiration from other clients!

Reformer Pilates • Cycling • Indo-Row • TRX • Kettlebells • Strength • Cardio/Intervals • Core • Hot Yoga

We offer unique class formats to challenge your body metabolically and keep you seeing results! Our schedule changes every 4 weeks so you avoid boredom and the dreaded plateau! We take all the thinking out of exercise. . . just show up and we'll take care of the rest!

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BODY UNDER CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMS - We offer comprehensive nutrition programs tailored to fit your individual goals and needs! Stop dieting and start learning about your unique body! Macronutrient-based programming will help you reach your goals successfully and maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Metabolic Testing
The real key to weight loss is knowing precisely what YOUR body needs. The only way to know just what your body needs is through Metabolic Testing. This test shows you just what is going on inside your body. You can finally unlock the mystery of your own metabolism! Metabolic Testing identifies your unique TARGET CALORIC ZONES so you can tip the scales to lose weight without depriving yourself.



VO2 Max Testing
Stop wondering how many calories you burn during exercise, and where your optimal workout zone is! Completing a VO2 Max Test will unlock the mystery of your training and you can start getting results!

Each person has an optimal training zone and this test measures your precise target heart rate based on anaerobic threshold, then calculates your unique Target Intensity Zones. So whether your goal is to improve your physique or train for a race, the VO2 Max Test will benefit you!


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